Simply Sunday – 4/6/14

sunsetI guess I’ll pick up where I left off with Simply Sunday. I thought about not writing this piece because I feel like I don’t have a lot going on. The point where I let this blog slack off is about where my work projects started to dry up and I felt like maybe I didn’t have a lot to offer. Truth be told, I’m still around, still paying my bills, and still struggling – but I’m still doing this thing with my life – freelancing and surviving. The honest reality is that it’s not always fun and games and sometimes it’s a struggle.

So, that said, my week in the form of a list:

  • Struggled with juggling some extra work at the dojo b/c my man was sick. This isn’t a bad thing, but was a little bit of pressure as I was by myself for a day. I also had a minor relapse of my own illness. I guess that’s to be expected when people who live together get sick right after each other. We’re both fine now. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 9/15/13

sunsetHoly cow. I can’t believe we’re already half way through September. This makes me feel a bit nervous, because I don’t feel recovered from July and August yet. I do have quite a bit of work lined up this week, and I’m looking for more, so I hope I’ll be back on track soon.

Sometimes, when you’re writing – or managing a project with other writers – what you do is dependent on other people. I had a lot of trouble with that this week. My client neglected to send me some reports I needed, so I lost hours on his project. A couple of my writers had trouble keeping to schedule this week, for their own reasons, so parts of the project they’re on got delayed as well. But, I’ll recover. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 9/8/13

sunsetAnother week flew by. I had a few struggles, but it wasn’t all that bad, to be honest. I have a plan for this week, too, so I have high hopes.

So what did I do this past week?

  • I put 9 hours into the timed project I do for one client. I really wanted to get to 10+ but he is a little slow to respond with info I need from time to time. I’m looking at my tracking sheet and I kept up a great schedule until the end of the week (when he had internet trouble).
  • I sent one follow-up email to a client who had told me he’d be in touch. He had been sick. Now I’m wondering if that was an excuse to cover for his budget issues. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 9/1/13

sunsetOk. Today is not Sunday, nor is today September 1st. Thing is, I didn’t write my Simply Sunday post on Sunday. I got a bit wrapped up in a project and making sure I took some time to relax over the holiday weekend. So sue me. I didn’t miss any client deadlines!

One of my major projects last week was the new website design for our karate school, Moo Duk Kwan Martial Arts. The site I had up before was ok, but it was an old theme and it worked more like a blog theme than a business site. This site is a lot easier to navigate and I think it’ll be a great marketing tool now that it has a more professional look. Because this was such an urgent focus, many of my self-imposed goals for last week got tossed out the window. I’m alright with that. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 8/25/13

sunsetWhile the month of August is still proving to be quite rough, I did have a somewhat productive week and I hope that a lot of what I did will open up some new paths for me very soon. Meanwhile, I kept busy every day and tried not to stress about where I was not, focusing instead on where I want to be.

So here’s what I actually got done this week:

  • I spent 9.25 hours on the timed project I do weekly.
  • Sent a follow-up email to a client (A) who hadn’t responded to me in over a week. This is important. Don’t let people fall off the face of the earth. Sometimes emails slip through the cracks. This particular client was sick and promised to be in touch by early next week with instructions. He’s a newer client, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Sent another follow-up email (a series of emails) to a client (B) who also dropped off the face of the planet. He had just been overwhelmed. We discussed changes to his project and I’m working on it this coming week.
  • I wrote one page of copy for a new website one of my main clients is putting together to sell a medical product. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 8/18/13

sunsetThe month of August is always a bit slow for me, and this year seems to be no exception. I didn’t have ton of stuff to get done last week, but I managed to do some work projects and I mapped out some of the things I need to get done this coming week.

So what did I do?

  • Created and implemented a new payment system for one of my main clients. He travels a lot, so PayPal restrictions on IP addresses sometimes make our transactions difficult.
  • I edited and posted 26 guest posts for one client.
  • I put 9.25 hours into the timed project I do weekly. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 7/21/13 Edition

Here I am again, on a Sunday afternoon. I haven’t done a ton of true work today, but I’ve been working on a bit of marketing and I’ve been developing my plan for the coming week.

While I guess I got a fair amount of work done this week, I am definitely not being as kind to myself about it as I was last week. I could have done more. The heat here is ridiculous, and cooling 2 rooms with one window unit and some fans is tough. The heat just makes me want to take a good, long nap.

That said, here’s another snapshot of what I did accomplish last week:

  • I reviewed and edited 32 posts written by members of my team. I posted all 27 on various websites.
  • I spent 9 hours on the timed project I do for one of my clients.
  • I put together 17 mini blog posts from the book my client had me working from. That project is currently on hold. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 7/14/13 Edition

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sitting here in front of the computer. I’m working. A lot of people might give me a hard time for not “taking the weekend off,” but anyone struggling to build a strong business knows that sometimes you have to just do what is necessary to get by. Everyone views the work week differently. I personally run my to-do list from Sunday through Saturday. On Saturday I try to wrap up anything that’s been left outstanding from the week, and then on Sunday I map out what the following week will look like.

I generally do a little bit of work, but I try not to over-do it. And, yes – there are Sundays where I just shut down and take the day off. It’s not as though my schedule changes in a way that I couldn’t get it all together on Monday if I needed to. I always shut down a lot earlier on Sundays, and I never stick to a schedule. I run errands, watch TV, clean, cook, go out and do stuff with Forrest – whatever I really need to do.I thought I’d spend a little bit of time on Sundays outlining what I accomplished in the past week. [Read more...]