Simply Sunday – 4/6/14

sunsetI guess I’ll pick up where I left off with Simply Sunday. I thought about not writing this piece because I feel like I don’t have a lot going on. The point where I let this blog slack off is about where my work projects started to dry up and I felt like maybe I didn’t have a lot to offer. Truth be told, I’m still around, still paying my bills, and still struggling – but I’m stillĀ doing this thing with my life – freelancing and surviving. The honest reality is that it’s not always fun and games and sometimes it’s a struggle.

So, that said, my week in the form of a list:

  • Struggled with juggling some extra work at the dojo b/c my man was sick. This isn’t a bad thing, but was a little bit of pressure as I was by myself for a day. I also had a minor relapse of my own illness. I guess that’s to be expected when people who live together get sick right after each other. We’re both fine now. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 9/15/13

sunsetHoly cow. I can’t believe we’re already half way through September. This makes me feel a bit nervous, because I don’t feel recovered from July and August yet. I do have quite a bit of work lined up this week, and I’m looking for more, so I hope I’ll be back on track soon.

Sometimes, when you’re writing – or managing a project with other writers – what you do is dependent on other people. I had a lot of trouble with that this week. My client neglected to send me some reports I needed, so I lost hours on his project. A couple of my writers had trouble keeping to schedule this week, for their own reasons, so parts of the project they’re on got delayed as well. But, I’ll recover. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 9/8/13

sunsetAnother week flew by. I had a few struggles, but it wasn’t all that bad, to be honest. I have a plan for this week, too, so I have high hopes.

So what did I do this past week?

  • I put 9 hours into the timed project I do for one client. I really wanted to get to 10+ but he is a little slow to respond with info I need from time to time. I’m looking at my tracking sheet and I kept up a great schedule until the end of the week (when he had internet trouble).
  • I sent one follow-up email to a client who had told me he’d be in touch. He had been sick. Now I’m wondering if that was an excuse to cover for his budget issues. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 7/28/13

I have to make this week’s post a little bit quick. I’m behind today due to a ton of work I did in the kitchen and now it’s storming like crazy. We’re on our second round of storms for the day. The first one caused anywhere from 4-7 inches of rain, depending on the area lived in, and this second round seems to be bringing tons more, with torrential downpours and thunder.

I allowed myself to get a bit distracted this week, so I didn’t do nearly as much as I would have liked – including posting here. That will change this week. I promise. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 7/21/13 Edition

Here I am again, on a Sunday afternoon. I haven’t done a ton of true work today, but I’ve been working on a bit of marketing and I’ve been developing my plan for the coming week.

While I guess I got a fair amount of work done this week, I am definitely not being as kind to myself about it as I was last week. I could have done more. The heat here is ridiculous, and cooling 2 rooms with one window unit and some fans is tough. The heat just makes me want to take a good, long nap.

That said, here’s another snapshot of what I did accomplish last week:

  • I reviewed and edited 32 posts written by members of my team. I posted all 27 on various websites.
  • I spent 9 hours on the timed project I do for one of my clients.
  • I put together 17 mini blog posts from the book my client had me working from. That project is currently on hold. [Read more...]