G is for GoodBlogs

GGoodblogs is a writing platform I think about frequently. I stay on their mailing list but I don’t put any effort into writing for their sites. Basically, each blog has its own pay scale but you only get paid of your post gets voted to the “top post” spot on the site for the day.

That said, pay ranges from $20 to $50, give or take, depending on the site. I do know a couple of people who simply enjoy writing for them and who have gotten paid for some of their posts. I don’t discount this, as I don’t discount some other very low-paying gigs, because a) everyone starts somewhere and b) not everyone is in it it to make a living. [Read more...]

Writing for GoodBlogs

finance mazeGoodBlogs isn’t a site I’m very familiar with. Another writer I know told me he writes for blogs on their network. He makes some money, but not a huge ton. Still, I thought I’d share the opportunity so you could check it out for yourself.

GoodBlogs for Businesses

GoodBlogs markets itself as a content marketing company for businesses and those who need to take advantage of social promotion. From a business standpoint, it seems like a great way for business owners who opt to build a site with the company to gain exposure. The example on their website is a company called The Flaming Vegan, which they claim now gets traffic from over 2,000 keyword phrases and now has over 500 blog posts submitted by writers like you and I. They apparently have a ton of new social media traffic as well. [Read more...]