L is for Leads

LAs a freelancer, what do you do to generate leads for your business?  Word of mouth is critical, in my book, but you can’t depend on it all the time. You have to take action on your own to generate interest and promote yourself.

So what else can you do, aside from begging family and friends to pass on your business card or hire you? [Read more...]

Joy and Kindness

JI’m going to stray a bit from the freelance writing and talk about why I missed my J and K posts on Friday and Saturday. Friday I went to a wedding and Saturday I was plain exhausted.

It happens.

The wedding, on Friday, was full of joy and kindness. Emily is one of my oldest friends. We met in Sunday school when we were in elementary grades. We don’t have the closest relationship on the planet, but our friendship is one that ebbs and flows – we always find each other again. I was happy to be invited to her wedding (her second), and so glad to see her family coming together. [Read more...]

I is for Inspiration

IWhat are you writing about today? Are you inspired by anything in your life?

Today I’m drawing from my life. I wrote on my personal blog (deborahdera.com) that I am inspired by the progress I’ve made with my health – with losing weight, protecting other aspects, etc. I’m feeling good today.

From that, I got some great ideas for articles about the healthcare system, healthcare laws, and routine medical care. I also have ideas for articles about weight loss programs, lifestyle changes, healthier shopping, and recipes. [Read more...]

B is for Bubblews (Technially, a Retraction)

BSadly, I thought of the theme for today’s post not because I’m still a staunch supporter of Bubblews, but because I’m now not so sure how I feel about the organization as a whole – if you can actually call it an organization.

Last year I wrote a post saying that Bubblews is not a scam. At the time, a lot of people were complaining that they were not getting paid. Most of these people had identifiable issues in their writing (not long enough, gaming the system somehow, and even a few Copyscape issues). None of the legitimate writers I knew at the time were having trouble getting paid.  [Read more...]