Simply Sunday – 4/6/14

sunsetI guess I’ll pick up where I left off with Simply Sunday. I thought about not writing this piece because I feel like I don’t have a lot going on. The point where I let this blog slack off is about where my work projects started to dry up and I felt like maybe I didn’t have a lot to offer. Truth be told, I’m still around, still paying my bills, and still struggling – but I’m stillĀ doing this thing with my life – freelancing and surviving. The honest reality is that it’s not always fun and games and sometimes it’s a struggle.

So, that said, my week in the form of a list:

  • Struggled with juggling some extra work at the dojo b/c my man was sick. This isn’t a bad thing, but was a little bit of pressure as I was by myself for a day. I also had a minor relapse of my own illness. I guess that’s to be expected when people who live together get sick right after each other. We’re both fine now.
  • I did 15 hours of social media and VA work for my SEO client.
  • I did social media work, ad campaign setups, and blog posting work for How Rich? This is a celebrity site I write for (with credit to my name for my work). Feel free to check it out!
  • I am participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge for April. You can see some of those posts here on this site and you can see some others on, my personal blog.
  • I wrote some product review posts for BzzAgent.
  • I did social media work, event planning, and some advertising work for our dojo.

All in all, I accomplished a lot, but I didn’t do enough to impact my financial bottom line. This coming week I have a lot more planned – writing, launching a new service, and work on some other projects.

What do you have on tap for the coming week? What were your struggles this past week?


  1. This looks like a site with plenty of useful information. I look forward to exploring your past posts and being a regular reader. I am so glad I found you via A to Z.

  2. I had trouble just focusing and getting through the challenges I signed up for. I was hopping this week would be better. But it is turning out to be Rocky as we have a funereal this week to attend.

  3. Well, YAY, you’re feeling better! And ok, maybe you didn’t make any money, but at least you got stuff done (says me, who is trying to drag myself away from the Food Network….)

  4. DeborahDera says:

    Hahah. Food Network. Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, anyone? LOL

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