L is for Leads

LAs a freelancer, what do you do to generate leads for your business?  Word of mouth is critical, in my book, but you can’t depend on it all the time. You have to take action on your own to generate interest and promote yourself.

So what else can you do, aside from begging family and friends to pass on your business card or hire you?

  • Check out online job boards (Elance, oDesk, etc).
  • Properly utilize social media channels to share information and advertise your business.
  • Ads on free classified sites like Craigslist (you should post and you should look at existing job and gig listings).
  • Business cards – carry them with you always and give them to those who ask about your services (I was caught without one just this weekend).
  • Letters/flyers to targeted business types (be creative).

What other lead-generating ideas could you share with your fellow writers?



  1. I have found that my gif-tweet-caps are a great way to connect through social media, because I can just tweet people to let them know I’ve quoted them. They are usually very appreciative, and share the post with others. It makes them feel famous. I think that if you can find a way to benefit other people in other ways besides just entertaining them (in this case, giving them their own sense of fame, and being an interactive part of the entertainment), you can get many more eyes on your work.

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