Joy and Kindness

JI’m going to stray a bit from the freelance writing and talk about why I missed my J and K posts on Friday and Saturday. Friday I went to a wedding and Saturday I was plain exhausted.

It happens.

The wedding, on Friday, was full of joy and kindness. Emily is one of my oldest friends. We met in Sunday school when we were in elementary grades. We don’t have the closest relationship on the planet, but our friendship is one that ebbs and flows – we always find each other again. I was happy to be invited to her wedding (her second), and so glad to see her family coming together.

KI also felt relieved at the kindness of others. I didn’t think I’d know anyone there and I had to go alone this time. As it turns out, there were plenty of people from church there. The problem is that I hadn’t seen many of them in 10-15 years, so while the adults generally looked the same, I did not and was not recognizable to most of them. I had a lot of fun playing guessing games with the ones who said, You look really familiar, and I ended up sitting with a couple I knew well enough to talk to most of the night.

Anyway, I didn’t worry about work or challenges. I figured I could make up the two days. I focused on enjoying the moment and the time I spent with my friend and her new family. I didn’t even bother taking pictures (that’s what her photographer is for). I enjoyed being in the moment, and it was a nice change of pace!


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