H is for Hackable

HI was reading earlier about the Heart Bleed Bug. I highly encourage those of you who haven’t looked it up yet to do so. It’s a major security flaw that’s basically left any site that uses SSL security compromised. In general, that’s just about any site where you have a log-in.

See how massive that could be?

So, for starters, some links where you can find info on the bug:

Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to ask – are you hackable? Do you use the same password on every site? Does it contain a family  member’s name, a birthdate, or some other common number? Are your blogs updated to the latest version of the operating system?

I have a ton of passwords I use in my line of work. They’re all very different and I can’t possibly remember them all. I use a browser-based (not web-based) tool called RoboForm to save them and fill them in on the sites I use. It’s been a tremendous help.

Some more resources:



  1. I will check on that, and hope that my firewall, etc. is doing its job!

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  2. It was so weird to hear about this security risk. I always looked at the url when I was ordering something online to make sure it had that security designation. And now we find out it was totally hackable.

  3. DeborahDera says:

    Interesting, isn’t it? I also saw a story that said the NSA has known about it for 2 years and was exploiting it. Makes you wonder…

  4. I also like 1Password. It’s also really important to set up multi-step verification. That’s the best protection, because it offers another layer even if someone cracks your password, or figures a way to bypass it.

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