Kindling Review: Part 1

As a freelance writer, one of the tasks I find most difficult is sorting through the myriad of  ”programs” out there for writers. They claim to teach, show, train – whatever. Some are great programs. Others are a waste of money. Others provide valuable information but you can’t actually use what you learn unless you buy other products.

One of my goals is to offer reviews of some of the courses I used to get started. Kindling, by Geoff Shaw, is a course I’ve been looking at for quite some time. I was reading a review published over a couple of months, as another person I trust went through the program. Since publishing on Kindle is something I plan on doing in the very near future, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this course.

To clarify, I have not yet used this particular course. I’ll be reviewing it as I work my way through it. I paid $77 for lifetime access and it appears as though Geoff has already put a considerable amount of effort into updating the course.  [Read more...]