Ghostwriting Cash – Part 2: Profiles and Portfolios

Holy cow, folks. I dug into the third chapter of Ghostwriting Cash yesterday afternoon and by the time I was done, my head was spinning – in a good way.

The third chapter of Tiffany Dow’s Ghostwriting Cash report talks about the things you need to do before you can start bidding on work. I reread the chapter and then dug right in.

Creating a Profitable Profile

While I can’t give you all of the details of the things Tiffany tells you to do in the report, let me start with this. Tiffany Dow, in addition to offering tips for writing a good profile for use on any networking or job board site, gave us a link to a sample of one of her old profiles.

The second I saw it, I knew I’d been doing it all wrong. Let’s just say that my¬†now retired profile/resume page used to be two short paragraphs. Now, it’s a very complete, comprehensive description of me, my experiences, my services, how I handle payments, and more. [Read more...]

Ghostwriting Cash – Part 1: The Pie in the Sky

Alright. It’s time to get down and dirty and start working through the Ghostwriting Cash report by Tiffany Dow. I spent some time this afternoon going through the first two chapters and it’s time to get things rolling.

First, you’ll notice from your downloads that there are several different folders. The main folder is the Ghostwriting Cash report and that’s what I’m working with today. Within that folder are two small text documents labeled READ FIRST and VIDEO ACCESS. The READ FIRST document is your rights (or lack thereof) regarding the course and the VIDEO ACCESS document says where you can see the videos streaming online if you don’t want to try to load them on your PC.

The Cover and The Disclaimer

On to the report. I noticed that the Ghostwriting Cash report doesn’t have a fancy cover page. It is 100% black and white text. This doesn’t bother me at all, really – I’m in it for the info – but I know a lot of people are used to seeing a lot of images and formatting on cover pages online. It’s just not necessary here. [Read more...]

Tiffany Dow’s Ghostwriting Cash – The Landing Page and the Purchase Process

The landing page is the first thing you’ll see when you consider the Ghostwriting Cash program by Tiffany Dow, so I thought I’d start there in terms of this review.

Branding Ghostwriting Cash

The first thing I noticed is that the program is still branded as offered by Tiffany Dow. This isn’t something that bothers me at all, really, but I wanted to point that out to you because Tiffany Dow now goes by Tiffany Lambert. She’s going through a divorce and she’s reclaimed her maiden name – more power to her! If you end up looking for her online, you’ll want to recognize her as both while she’s making the transition. I’m not sure if she’ll be rebranding her training courses or not. If you buy her product, you’ll end up on her mailing list (I think), and it could certainly get confusing if you buy from “Tiffany Dow” and end up with emails from “Tiffany Lambert.” Don’t put her in your spam box, ok? [Read more...]

Tiffany Dow’s Ghostwriting Cash Review – Intro

Tiffany Dow is one of my favorite online marketers – ever. Trust me, I’ve attempted following quite a number of “gurus” online. I’ve learned a lot about attitude, and I’ve seen a lot of people who seem to be very successful, but I’ve never felt like any of them were connecting with me as a person. That is, until I found Tiffany. She’s honest. She’s caring. And while she’s not a mentor, she’s definitely there for her customers and followers. I even appreciate her “honey-badger” persona (ie. don’t piss her off). While a lot of her products are still branded under the Tiffany Dow name, you’ll also find some of them (and her blog) are now branded under her newly re-claimed maiden name, Tiffany Lambert.

A couple of years ago I purchased Tiffany’s Ghostwriting Cash program. At the time, it was presented by Tiffany Dow & Craig Desorcy. While Tiffany and Craig have since parted ways in relation to this course, it wasn’t for any reason anyone would find questionable or unethical. As a matter or fact, I’m pretty sure Craig still mentors Tiffany. [Read more...]