B is for Bubblews (Technially, a Retraction)

BSadly, I thought of the theme for today’s post not because I’m still a staunch supporter of Bubblews, but because I’m now not so sure how I feel about the organization as a whole – if you can actually call it an organization.

Last year I wrote a post saying that Bubblews is not a scam. At the time, a lot of people were complaining that they were not getting paid. Most of these people had identifiable issues in their writing (not long enough, gaming the system somehow, and even a few Copyscape issues). None of the legitimate writers I knew at the time were having trouble getting paid.  [Read more...]

8/24/13 – New GoodBlogs Opportunities

goodblogsEarlier this week I wrote a post about writing for GoodBlogs.  While I don’t think this type of set-up is really lucrative for writers, I do think you might eventually find a blog that falls into one your niche areas of specialty. If that happens, you might just want to throw an article together from time to time. You’ll have published pieces to add to your portfolio (which is something I find some sites ask for – actual web links under your own name) and you’ll have the chance to maybe earn a few dollars (though I hope, for you, it’s not just a “maybe”).

Regardless, it’s not my place to judge and the pay for those who do make it to the front page of these sites isn’t awful. That said, I had a few notices in my inbox I thought I’d share.  [Read more...]

Writing for GoodBlogs

finance mazeGoodBlogs isn’t a site I’m very familiar with. Another writer I know told me he writes for blogs on their network. He makes some money, but not a huge ton. Still, I thought I’d share the opportunity so you could check it out for yourself.

GoodBlogs for Businesses

GoodBlogs markets itself as a content marketing company for businesses and those who need to take advantage of social promotion. From a business standpoint, it seems like a great way for business owners who opt to build a site with the company to gain exposure. The example on their website is a company called The Flaming Vegan, which they claim now gets traffic from over 2,000 keyword phrases and now has over 500 blog posts submitted by writers like you and I. They apparently have a ton of new social media traffic as well. [Read more...]

Bubblews User Interviews: Danielle McGaw

As part of my informational series about writing for Bubblews, I want to offer not only informative articles about using the site but some perspective from other users. I’ll start that series today by welcoming Danielle McGaw to Writing for Peanuts. She’s been writing for Bubblews since October of 2012!

Writing for Peanuts (WFP): There is some debate over whether Bubblews is trying to be a social media site, similar to Facebook and Twitter, or a writing site. How do you personally view the site?

Danielle McGaw (DM): I really think it is a combination of a blogging site and a social media site.  It’s not one or the other really.  I mean, you can treat it like a blog and write longer posts about specific subjects but you can also be very social on the site.  You connect with people, visit their posts, read, like, share. [Read more...]

Writing for Revenue Share on Bubblews – It’s Not a Scam

Note added 4/2/14: Please see this post for my updated views on Bubblews as a whole.

Bubblews is one of the newest sites writers are raving about these days. While it’s definitely not a site you should turn to if you want to make a full-time income (or a fast income), you will find that Bubblews pays quite a fair amount compared to some of the other pay-per-view sites out there. So if you’re currently blogging on a site that gives you nothing in return, or if you’re wasting your time writing long rants on Facebook, you may want to consider spending more of your time over on Bubblews.

Bubblews is a Revenue Sharing Platform

Revenue sharing platforms are sites that take the advertising dollars they bring in and split them with the writers who are providing content. Bubblews claims to split the revenue it earns 50/50. So for every dollar an advertiser pays, Bubblews will split $.50 with the writers.

Let’s be clear. A revenue sharing platform means what you earn is based on what the platform earns. If Bubblews has $1,000 worth of advertisers, there will be $500 in the pot to split with writers. If Bubblews has $100,000 worth of advertisers, there will be $50,000 in the pot to split with writers. [Read more...]