Outsourcing and Your Reputation

Social_Media_MarketingAs a writer, you may or may not be in a comfortable place. Some people are content writing articles from 9am until 5pm and don’t want to branch out. Others will look for other sources of income, including personal blogs and projects. There may be a time when you decide to expand your business. Ultimately, there are only 24 hours in a day, so you may end up needing to hire some help to get things done.

Social Media and Branding

One of the areas where online entrepreneurs find outsourcing is helpful is on social media sites. Networking online can take up a ton of time, but hiring others to do your social media work for you isn’t always appropriate.

Michalle MacPhearson talked about this just last week when she wrote Should Your Team Leave Comments in Your Name? She made some great points about branding and the difference between your personal brand (your name) and a business brand (a product or company name, for example). While it’s sometimes OK to have people posting on behalf of your business or product brand (within reason), it’s almost never OK to have them post in your name. When people see your name, they expect they’re talking to you[Read more...]

Drama on the Web: Avoid It

dramaThe week before last there was a little bit of drama on the web, within the writing community I’m involved with. I was going to let it die down a bit (in my head, anyway) before writing about it, but then things got a bit messed up so I didn’t get to it last week. My head is clearly wrapped around what I want to say, so here we go.

When you use social media sites to network and grow your business, you have two main groups of people you’ll need to consider. The first is your target audience – people you want to write for. The second is other writers – those you feel you can learn from.

I’ll use my Facebook network as an example. I have networked with a bunch of writers who have done work for the same sites I have, especially the Yahoo! Contributor Network. In the beginning, I thought that knowing other writers would be good. I’d get ideas, learn about the ins and outs of the industry, and have people to turn to when things were tough. I networked with both non-fiction writers as well as fiction writers, because my goal is ultimately to write some fiction as well. [Read more...]

Small Tasks, Boring Tasks, and Social Bookmarking

Today was a semi-productive day. I had several tasks to get done, but none really contributed to my financial goal – not in a major way, anyway. Still they were things I needed to wrap up. My dear friend’s website was sorely neglected, so I spent some time updating her business site with articles from her newsletters. I also updated her upcoming classes pages (she teaches Reiki and Yoga). Things are looking good there now.

I also had to take some time to do a task I’d been putting off. A client paid someone to go through a health forum and cut/paste conversations so that I could go through them and think of article topics. If that sounds boring, or tedious, I can guarantee you that it actually was. An hour and a half later, I had about 75 topic ideas to share with him, but who knows what will come of the list. To clarify, though, I do have an hourly rate I charge for tasks like that. [Read more...]

Distractions, Thunderstorms, and Networking Grammar

I knew today wouldn’t be the most productive day on the planet. I woke up really tired and it rained all day. One of my friends said something about a Mars and Uranus square thing happening in the world of astrology and, like I told her, that meant nothing to me until she explained it would make people grouchy. Well, she was right.

I actually thought it was sort of amusing that only a couple of days after writing about family distractions my grandmom should call me and ask me to come over. Note, I did list Gran as one of the exceptions to the rule. The other reason I dropped everything and ran was because she was looking for her car insurance ID card because she remembered I asked to borrow her car on Sunday. She was raised to not leave her registration and insurance in the glove box. I was raised to leave it in the car. The end result was that I drove her car for a month, back and forth to her rehab center, without having any pertinent documents with me – all because I never thought to ask. [Read more...]

Are Forums and Groups Dragging Your Productivity Levels through the Mud?

Yesterday morning, I spent a few minutes procrastinating while watching the clock. I was waiting to head out to a store, but it wasn’t open yet, so I decided to start the timer and network in the Warrior Forum for a little while.

Notice, I used two important words: timer and network.

Networking is something writers often confuse with socialization. When you cross that fine line you run the risk of wasting a TON of time. Time wasted is time you’re not spending on writing projects; which means you have to shift your writing time and take away from things like family or relaxation time.

[Read more...]