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cI have to be honest, I’m a little bit frustrated with the process of leaving comments on some of the sites I’ve visited for the A to Z challenge so far. I figured I might as well turn it into my rant for the day.

When you sign up for the A to Z challenge, the instructions are to make sure you aren’t using CAPTCHA forms, because that will decrease comments. I’m not 100% sure why they do that. I think it takes a lot less time to type in a short, extra word than it does to – ohhhhh – log into another account?

And that’s the problem I’ve been running into. When I get up and start my business day, I log into my Google account, Facebook, and maybe Twitter. Some of the sites I’m commenting on are requiring me to sign into Blogger (I don’t use Blogger, so the name shows incorrectly thanks to my Google account being logged in); WordPress (really?); and a few other odd sites I don’t use.

To be fair, that’s far more work than typing in a simple spam-preventing captcha. Especially if I have to sign into numerous platforms or create accounts to do it. Just a thought to consider. To be even more fair, I think my frustration was compounded by the # of sites that didn’t load properly and the random site that told me that I was not “invited” to read (I might be missing the point there).

I get it, though. We all have to find ways of protecting our sites and we do what we must. I just feel bad when I can’t leave a comment after taking the time to make the visit. *shrugs* But maybe it’s just me.

A note for my aspiring writers, though – my point here, for you, is that you have to find a balance between protecting your blog and encouraging engagement or participation. If you drive people away with a cold shoulder or unwelcoming attitude, your quest for an online viewership will prove rather difficult.

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  1. I have trouble finding the ‘comments’ button sometimes. I finally gave up at one site and went on to another.

  2. The quickest way to get me leave your site is CAPTCHA. I comment from my phone mainly and it is nearly impossible to do CAPTCHA on it.

  3. I have to admit I do find the Captcha thing annoying, as you say when you have to jump through all these hoops when you’re taking the time to visit and comment is a little frustrating. Especially because most of the time I forget about the Captcha and then get a pop up reminding and then have to go back and do it and half of the time I typo it….

    Haha, I know first world problems right?! But it is a shame with this sort of challenge if there’s any sort of complications with commenting since we’re all trying to visit each other!

  4. DeborahDera says:

    Hah, yes! Very first world! It is what it is!

  5. DeborahDera says:

    Good point on the phone problems!

  6. DeborahDera says:

    That’s another problem. I already have a strong rX for my eyes. Sometimes the “comment” word or button is so small it’s insane! LOL

  7. Good post! I find some blogs very hard to navigate and even find the comment feature. And if I have to create an account to comment, I don’t. Captcha’s don’t bug me because I know it cut down on spam for the website owner! ~ Angela, A to Z participant from Web Writing Advice (http://www.webwritingadvice.com/) and Whole Foods Living (http://wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/)

  8. I run away when I see a CAPTCHA. I have such a hard time figuring it out–and much tougher on a mobile app–I’d rather use a bot to crack it for me. The blogger captchas are easy to crack, by the way. Moderation and spam filter should suffice.

    Fun rant, and great comments.

  9. so hoping I’m not one of the unwelcoming sites…I am so new at this! But I agree with Huntress…if I have to go on a treasure map search for a comment button, I have to leave. And a couple of times, I have really wanted to say something.

  10. I haven’t had much trouble commenting, especially after I realised WordPress will just let you sign in with twitter so I didn’t have to fill in the little boxes any more. I’ve only found one site that was utterly frustrating to comment on and that had captcha and email verification. I have had issues with finding the comment button though, sometimes that can be a hunt :).
    Tasha’s Thinkings – AtoZ (Vampires)

  11. haha, I think my site is good to go – I followed the instructions. I am some what new to blogging so I have definitely learned a lot by visiting other’s sites.

    Sue Kuentz

  12. DeborahDera says:

    Best wishes, Sue!

  13. DeborahDera says:

    It’s getting a bit easier as I move through things. I’ll just find which works best and go from there.

  14. DeborahDera says:

    Thanks for stopping by, David!

  15. It’s not just you. I feel the same way. Especially when It’s a post I really liked and can’t comment.

  16. I don’t have the verify comments (CAPTCHA – didn’t even know it had a name!) thing OFF on my blog … no problem w/ spam or ham (wordpress seems to try to capture it).
    So, can only agree with you all – and on the “finding the comment button” problem too!! :)
    Happy A to Z!

  17. DeborahDera says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with these issues! LOL

  18. DeborahDera says:

    There is nothing worse than feeling like, “But… I actually had something to SAY!” And then not being able to say it!

  19. Captcha is a pain, for sure. A bigger problem for me is trying to reciprocate a visit for someone who is using a Google+ profile/page. When a new reader stops by and leaves a comment, I click on their name in order to get to their blog where I can comment. Many of the Google+ pages do not have a clear link (or any link at all that I can find) to the person’s blog and some of them show a most recent post of months or even a year ago. I feel badly because I have no real way of tracking down the person’s blog except to reply on my own and hope they leave a link directly to their own blog. I do not have Google+ and am not all interested in setting up so am unable to comment directly on Google+ pages.

    Anyway, sorry to whine on your blog. You obviously struck a chord. Happy A-Z! :)

  20. It took me so long to find the comment button. I had to click a whole bunch of things. The comment system is not very well worked.

  21. I found an add-on that helps, at least in Firefox. It’s called CookieSwap. I think they have similar tools on other browsers as well. It allows you to sign in to every account on all sites at once. All you have to do is switch profiles. :)

    http://kristenhead.blogspot.com/2014/04/c-is-for-copper-and-cats-and-more-cats.html — C is for ‘Copper’ and Cats (and More Cats)

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