About the Site

Hello and thank you for visiting Writing for Peanuts! My name is Deborah and I’m here to help you learn about the world of writing for a living. There are tons of great opportunities out there for writers, whether you enjoy fiction, non-fiction, ghostwriting, internet marketing, or some sort of hybrid.

I’ve been writing since 2005, when I created content part-time after working a full-time day and pursuing other hobbies. In the summer of 2007, I decided I was on the right path and I gave my corporate employer my notice. I gave them two months, with an honest explanation of my hopes and dreams, and they were incredibly supportive of my efforts. In September of 2007 I officially became a full-time freelancer and I’ve been working hard, day in and day out, ever since.

My goal is to share my experiences (along with those of other writers). I started my writing career at the bottom of the ladder and I’m still working my way up. Any experienced writer will tell you that no two days are exactly the same. Work opportunities ebb and flow and the concept of “feast or famine” is not unknown to us. As the site grows, I’ll point you towards resources you can use to improve your writing skills, find work, and connect with other writers.

This site (and even this page you’re reading now) will constantly grow. Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, ideas for things you’d like to learn more about, or even to contribute your experiences. I (and everyone else who is still learning) would love to hear from you.

Keep writing,