5 Things Freelance Writers Should Know about Investing in Retirement

As a freelance writer, you benefit from a number of conveniences: You get to choose your work hours, operate from your chosen environment, and experience a variety of assignments. However, there is a down side to all these great freelancing aspects–you must also plan for your retirement without the advantage of employer matching, company-based 401Ks, and future pensions. Your retirement planning is solely in your hands, and it is never too soon to start planning. Here are five things freelance writers should know about investing in retirement:

How much will you need? You will need to determine a target savings amount in order to best plot out your retirement investment plan. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the amount you make now (as long as you are living comfortably) by the number of years you think you will be in retirement, and then to account for inflation. Use an online inflation calculator to find this number. [Read more...]

5 Android Apps Every Freelance Writer Should Be Using

As a freelance writer, you are responsible for every aspect of small business ownership. Unless you can afford to hire employees to take care of the aspects you are not-so adept at, then you must find creative solutions for maintaining your business prowess. Fortunately, your best resource is right at your fingertips. Here are five Android apps every freelance writer should be using:

Days Left Widget. Do you have a lot of projects on your plate, and a proclivity for letting important due dates slip past your memory? If so, then the Days Left Widget can be your best alternative to a real-life secretary. This app allows you to set project due dates so that your phone reminds you of–you guessed it–how many days you have left to complete those projects. [Read more...]