L is for Leads

LAs a freelancer, what do you do to generate leads for your business?  Word of mouth is critical, in my book, but you can’t depend on it all the time. You have to take action on your own to generate interest and promote yourself.

So what else can you do, aside from begging family and friends to pass on your business card or hire you? [Read more...]

Joy and Kindness

JI’m going to stray a bit from the freelance writing and talk about why I missed my J and K posts on Friday and Saturday. Friday I went to a wedding and Saturday I was plain exhausted.

It happens.

The wedding, on Friday, was full of joy and kindness. Emily is one of my oldest friends. We met in Sunday school when we were in elementary grades. We don’t have the closest relationship on the planet, but our friendship is one that ebbs and flows – we always find each other again. I was happy to be invited to her wedding (her second), and so glad to see her family coming together. [Read more...]

I is for Inspiration

IWhat are you writing about today? Are you inspired by anything in your life?

Today I’m drawing from my life. I wrote on my personal blog (deborahdera.com) that I am inspired by the progress I’ve made with my health – with losing weight, protecting other aspects, etc. I’m feeling good today.

From that, I got some great ideas for articles about the healthcare system, healthcare laws, and routine medical care. I also have ideas for articles about weight loss programs, lifestyle changes, healthier shopping, and recipes. [Read more...]

H is for Hackable

HI was reading earlier about the Heart Bleed Bug. I highly encourage those of you who haven’t looked it up yet to do so. It’s a major security flaw that’s basically left any site that uses SSL security compromised. In general, that’s just about any site where you have a log-in.

See how massive that could be?

So, for starters, some links where you can find info on the bug: [Read more...]

G is for GoodBlogs

GGoodblogs is a writing platform I think about frequently. I stay on their mailing list but I don’t put any effort into writing for their sites. Basically, each blog has its own pay scale but you only get paid of your post gets voted to the “top post” spot on the site for the day.

That said, pay ranges from $20 to $50, give or take, depending on the site. I do know a couple of people who simply enjoy writing for them and who have gotten paid for some of their posts. I don’t discount this, as I don’t discount some other very low-paying gigs, because a) everyone starts somewhere and b) not everyone is in it it to make a living. [Read more...]

F is for Fatigue

FIf there’s one thing I know, it’s how easy it is for a freelance writer to become fatigued.

Part-time writers, especially those with other day jobs, try to fit in as many hours as possible after their other activities – striving to finish that novel or land one more client.

Full-time writers tend to feel like time not working is wasted time. I get it, I do. There is always something left to do.

But you need to set boundaries – for your health. You need to take a few hours off here or there. You need to go out into the world and interact with people. You need to – and can, and should – take a full day off from time to time. [Read more...]

Simply Sunday – 4/6/14

sunsetI guess I’ll pick up where I left off with Simply Sunday. I thought about not writing this piece because I feel like I don’t have a lot going on. The point where I let this blog slack off is about where my work projects started to dry up and I felt like maybe I didn’t have a lot to offer. Truth be told, I’m still around, still paying my bills, and still struggling – but I’m still doing this thing with my life – freelancing and surviving. The honest reality is that it’s not always fun and games and sometimes it’s a struggle.

So, that said, my week in the form of a list:

  • Struggled with juggling some extra work at the dojo b/c my man was sick. This isn’t a bad thing, but was a little bit of pressure as I was by myself for a day. I also had a minor relapse of my own illness. I guess that’s to be expected when people who live together get sick right after each other. We’re both fine now. [Read more...]

E is for Exercises (Writing Exercises, That Is…)

EE is for exercises.

Writing exercises, that is.

I personally write web content, blog posts, etc – nonfiction. I know a lot of you write fiction. The one thing we all have in common, regardless of niche or reason for writing, is that we all need practice.

I thought I’d keep this short and sweet today (it’s Saturday evening here), and share a few sites where you can find some writing exercises and prompts. [Read more...]

D is for Domain Hosting

dI’ll probably keep this one short today. I’m a bit behind schedule because I wasn’t able to write my D post when I first got up.

Why, you ask?

Because Google kept telling me it couldn’t find the server for this site. I tried over and over. I logged into my hosting platform to see if anything was wrong. I couldn’t find anything amiss.

I was about to give up and call my hosting provider. I was actually on hold. I refreshed the screen and BAM – there was my site. I hung up the phone. [Read more...]

C is for Comments

cI have to be honest, I’m a little bit frustrated with the process of leaving comments on some of the sites I’ve visited for the A to Z challenge so far. I figured I might as well turn it into my rant for the day.

When you sign up for the A to Z challenge, the instructions are to make sure you aren’t using CAPTCHA forms, because that will decrease comments. I’m not 100% sure why they do that. I think it takes a lot less time to type in a short, extra word than it does to – ohhhhh – log into another account? [Read more...]